SAFE Toolbox

swMATH ID: 27799
Software Authors: F. Pianosi, F. Sarrazin, T. Wagener
Description: The SAFE Toolbox provides a set of functions to perform Global Sensitivity Analysis in Matlab/Octave environment. It implements several methods, including the Elementary Effects Test, Regional Sensitivity Analysis, Variance-Based (Sobol’) sensitivity analysis and the novel PAWN method.
Homepage: https://www.safetoolbox.info/info-and-documentation/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: SALib; sensitivity; R; Matlab; deSolve; UQLab; MCSim; httk; ggplot2; fast; foreach; doParallel; data.table; pse; TOMS659; multisensi; sensobol; PMTec; TopoToolbox; TopoZeko
Referenced in: 11 Publications

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