swMATH ID: 2787
Software Authors: Haenni, Rolf; Lehmann, Norbert
Description: ABEL: An interactive tool for probabilistic argumentative reasoning. Most formal approaches to argumentative reasoning under uncertainty focus on the analysis of qualitative aspects. An exception is the framework of probabilistic argumentation systems. Its philosophy is to include both qualitative and quantitative aspects through a simple way of combining logic and probability theory. Probabilities are used to weigh arguments for and against particular hypotheses. ABEL is a language that allows to describe probabilistic argumentation systems and corresponding queries about hypotheses. It then returns arguments and counter-arguments with corresponding numerical weights.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/89u33y3ky8kxlctg/fulltext.pdf
Related Software: LISP
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ABEL: An interactive tool for probabilistic argumentative reasoning
Haenni, Rolf; Lehmann, Norbert

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