swMATH ID: 27925
Software Authors: Sebastian Gutsche, Sebastian Posur, Mohamed Barakat, Øystein Skartsæterhagen
Description: The CAP project: This is the home of the CAP project. It consists of several GAP packages build on top of its main package, CAP. A good way to start is having a look at the manual, which offers extensive tutorials and a good description of CAP. Also, you can look at the packages’ references for detailed command descriptions.
Homepage: https://homalg-project.github.io/CAP_project/
Source Code:  https://github.com/homalg-project/CAP_project
Dependencies: GAP
Related Software: homalg; GeneralizedMorphismsForCAP; ModulePresentationsForCAP; LinearAlgebraForCAP; SINGULAR; GAP; GitHub; ZariskiFrames; Macaulay2; Magma; alcove; RegularChains; LocalizeRingForHomalg; Stacks Project; Locales; Epsilon; FreydCategoriesForCAP; ArangoDB; Nemo; olga.lib
Cited in: 9 Documents

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