swMATH ID: 27955
Software Authors: Bu, Y.; Howe, B.; Balazinska, M.; Ernst, M.D.
Description: HaLoop: Efficient iterative data processing on large clusters. Simply speaking, HaLoop = Ha, Loop:-) HaLoop is a modified version of the Hadoop MapReduce framework, designed to serve these applications. HaLoop not only extends MapReduce with programming support for iterative applications, but also dramatically improves their efficiency by making the task scheduler loop-aware and by adding various caching mechanisms. We evaluate HaLoop on real queries and real datasets and find that, on average, HaLoop reduces query runtimes by 1.85 compared with Hadoop, and shuffles only 4
Homepage: https://iterativemapreduce.weebly.com/haloop.html
Related Software: Twister; Hadoop; MapReduce; SympleGraph; Mermaid; PathGraph; Blogel; NScaleSpark; GPS; Gluon; Graphalytics; GossipMap; GoFFish; Fregel; Apache Spark; Elixir; Green-Marl; Giraph; PowerGraph; GraphX
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