swMATH ID: 27957
Software Authors: Zhang, Y.; Gao, Q.; Gao, L.; Wang, C.
Description: iMapReduce: A Distributed Computing Framework for Iterative Computation. Iterative computation is pervasive in many applications such as data mining, web ranking, graph analysis, online social network analysis, and so on. These iterative applications typically involve massive data sets containing millions or billions of data records. This poses demand of distributed computing frameworks for processing massive data sets on a cluster of machines. MapReduce is an example of such a framework. However, MapReduce lacks built-in support for iterative process that requires to parse data sets iteratively. Besides specifying MapReduce jobs, users have to write a driver program that submits a series of jobs and performs convergence testing at the client. This paper presents iMapReduce, a distributed framework that supports iterative processing. iMapReduce allows users to specify the iterative computation with the separated map and reduce functions, and provides the support of automatic iterative processing within a single job. More importantly, iMapReduce significantly improves the performance of iterative implementations by (1) reducing the overhead of creating new MapReduce jobs repeatedly, (2) eliminating the shuffling of static data, and (3) allowing asynchronous execution of map tasks. We implement an iMapReduce prototype based on Apache Hadoop, and show that iMapReduce can achieve up to 5 times speedup over Hadoop for implementing iterative algorithms.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10723-012-9204-9
Related Software: EMBOSS; GCUA; Crossbow; CloudBurst; MrsRF; Hadoop; MapReduce
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