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Software Authors: Esping, Björn J.D.
Description: The ALIBABA nonlinear optimization package. The purpose of this investigation is to find a fast and stable optimization algorithm specially suited for nonlinear structural optimization problems. The original problem is approximated by a series of subproblems and the solution is therefore iterative. Each subproblem is a first order approximation of the original problem. First, Kristers LU method is presented and it is shown how his algorithm can be improved by using a one-step line search algorithm and/or the cutting plane method. Secondly, a simple algorithm for optimization with discrete design variables is presented. The method is based on the continuous approximations used above. The convergence properties are graphically illustrated by a number of simple two-dimensional examples. The algorithms are as well applied on a few small structural optimization problems. The algorithms are included in the ALIBABA nonlinear optimization package which is used by the OASIS structural optimization system.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0045794986902907
Keywords: dual problem; DEGEDEWE method; series of subproblems; first order approximation; Kristers LU method; one-step line search algorithm; cutting plane method; discrete design variables; convergence properties; ALIBABA nonlinear optimization package; OASIS structural optimization system
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The ALIBABA nonlinear optimization package. Zbl 0594.73096
Esping, Björn J. D.

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