swMATH ID: 28057
Software Authors: Di Caro, G.; Ducatelle, F.; Gambardella, L.M.
Description: AntHocNet: an adaptive nature‐inspired algorithm for routing in mobile ad hoc networks. In this paper, we describe AntHocNet, an algorithm for routing in mobile ad hoc networks. It is a hybrid algorithm, which combines reactive path setup with proactive path probing, maintenance and improvement. The algorithm is based on the nature‐inspired ant colony optimisation framework. Paths are learned by guided Monte Carlo sampling using ant‐like agents communicating in a stigmergic way. In an extensive set of simulation experiments, we compare AntHocNet with AODV, a reference algorithm in the field. We show that our algorithm can outperform AODV on different evaluation criteria. AntHocNet’s performance advantage is visible over a broad range of possible network scenarios, and increases for larger, sparser and more mobile networks.
Homepage: http://people.idsia.ch/~luca/anthocnet_final_ett.pdf
Related Software: AntNet; FLAR; OMNet++
Cited in: 7 Publications

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