swMATH ID: 2807
Software Authors: Xiong, Ming; Han, Song; Chen, Deji; Lam, Kam-Yiu; Feng, Shan
Description: DESH: Overhead reduction algorithms for deferrable scheduling Although the deferrable scheduling algorithm for fixed priority transactions \((DS-FP)\) has been shown to be a very effective approach for minimizing real-time update transaction workload, it suffers from its on-line scheduling overhead. In this work, we propose two extensions of \(DS-FP\) to minimize the on-line scheduling overhead. The proposed algorithms produce a hyperperiod from \(DS-FP\) so that the schedule generated by repeating the hyperperiod infinitely satisfies the temporal validity constraint of the real-time data. The first algorithm, named DEferrable Scheduling with Hyperperiod by Schedule Construction \((DESH-SC)\), searches the \(DS-FP\) schedule for a hyperperiod. The second algorithm, named DEferrable Scheduling with Hyperperiod by Schedule Adjustment \((DESH-SA)\), adjusts the \(DS-FP\) schedule in an interval to form a hyperperiod. Our experimental results demonstrate that while both \(DESH-SC\) and \(DESH-SA\) can reduce the scheduling overhead of \(DS-FP, DESH-SA\) outperforms \(DESH-SC\) by accommodating significantly more update transactions in the system. Moreover, \(DESH-SA\) can also achieve near-optimal update workload.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/t60251j144502075/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: real-time databases; temporal validity constraint; fixed priority scheduling; deferrable scheduling
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