swMATH ID: 2813
Software Authors: Rico, Mariano; Camacho, David; Corcho, Óscar
Description: VPOET: Using a distributed collaborative platform for semantic web applications. This paper describes a distributed collaborative wiki-based platform that has been designed to facilitate the development of Semantic Web applications. The applications designed using this platform are able to build semantic data through the cooperation of different developers and to exploit that semantic data. The paper shows a practical case study on the application VPOET, and how an application based on Google Gadgets has been designed to test VPOET and let human users exploit the semantic data created. This practical example can be used to show how different Semantic Web technologies can be integrated into a particular Web application, and how the knowledge can be cooperatively improved.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/n6h782lh5v87r8q7/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: distributed collaborative systems; semantic web; wiki architectures
Related Software: SPARQL
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