Julia Static Analyzer

swMATH ID: 28173
Software Authors: JuliaSoft; Spoto, Fausto
Description: Julia Static Analyzer is best in class for finding defects and security vulnerabilies in C#, Java and Android applications (for C and C++ languages, please have a look to GrammaTech CodeSonar). By using Julia Static Analyzer, you reduce development and maintenance costs and eliminate risks related to security vulnerabilities and privacy leaks. The powerful analysis technology ensures a maximum precision of results. With advanced dashboarding you can flexibly transform the data into useful information for the different stakeholders.
Homepage: https://www.verifysoft.com/en_julia_static_analyzer.html
Related Software: ASTREE; MorphDroid; Aletheia; Sails; Panorama; BackFlow; FlowDroid; TAJ; Dytan; F4F; TaintDroid; Pixy; JFlow; PPL; FunArray; julia
Cited in: 3 Documents
Further Publications: https://juliasoft.com/resources/publications/

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