swMATH ID: 28211
Software Authors: Sendra, Juana; Gómez Sánchez-Pascuala, David; Morán, Valerio
Description: Design and implementation of maple packages for processing offsets and conchoids. In this paper we present two packages, implemented in the computer algebra system Maple, for dealing with offsets and conchoids to algebraic curves, respectively. Help pages and procedures are described. Also in an annex, we provide a brief atlas, created with these packages, and where the offset and the conchoid of several algebraic plane curves are obtained, their rationality is analyzed, and parametrizations are computed. Practical performance of the implemented algorithms shows that the packages execute in reasonable time; we include time cost tables of the computation of the offset and conchoid curves of two rational families of curves using the implemented packages.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs10472-016-9504-z.pdf
Dependencies: Maple
Keywords: symbolic mathematical software; Maple; offset variety; conchoid variety; pedal construction; rational parametrization; algebraic plane curves; algorithm
Related Software: Conchoid; Maple
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