swMATH ID: 28230
Software Authors: Han SN, Lee GM, Crespi N, Luong NV, Heo K, Brut M, Gatellier P.
Description: DPWSim: A simulation toolkit for IoT applications using devices profile for web services. The OASIS standard Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS) enables the use of Web services on smart and resource-constrained devices, which are the cornerstones of the Internet of Things (IoT). DPWS sees a perspective of being able to build service-oriented and event-driven IoT applications on top of these devices with secure Web service capabilities and a seamless integration into existing World Wide Web infrastructure. We introduce DPWSim, a simulation toolkit to support the development of such applications. DPWSim allows developers to prototype, develop, and test IoT applications using the DPWS technology without the presence of physical devices. It also can be used for the collaboration between manufacturers, developers, and designers during the new product development process
Homepage: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/6803226
Related Software: GloudSim; GroudSim; DCSim; SimpleIoTSimulator; WSNet; Valgrind; CloudSim; iFogSim
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