swMATH ID: 28255
Software Authors: Ruiz-Sarmiento, J. R.; Galindo, C.; González-Jiménez, J.
Description: Object Labeling Toolkit (OLT): OLT: a toolkit for object labeling applied to robotic RGB-D datasets. In this work we present the Object Labeling Toolkit (OLT), a set of software components publicly available for helping in the management and labeling of sequential RGB-D observations collected by a mobile robot. Such a robot can be equipped with an arbitrary number of RGB-D devices, possibly integrating other sensors (e.g. odometry, 2D laser scanners, etc.). OLT first merges the robot observations to generate a 3D reconstruction of the scene from which object segmentation and labeling is conveniently accomplished. The annotated labels are automatically propagated by the toolkit to each RGB-D observation in the collected sequence, providing a dense labeling of both intensity and depth images. The resulting objects’ labels can be exploited for many robotic oriented applications, including high-level decision making, semantic mapping, or contextual object recognition. Software components within OLT are highly customizable and expandable, facilitating the integration of already-developed algorithms. To illustrate the toolkit suitability, we describe its application to robotic RGB-D sequences taken in a home environment.
Homepage: http://mapir.isa.uma.es/mapirwebsite/index.php/mapir-downloads/200-OLT
Related Software: UGM; ViDRILO; PMTK; CRFsuite; L-BFGS
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