swMATH ID: 283
Software Authors: Dumas, Jean-Guillaume; Giorgi, Pascal; Pernet, Clément
Description: FFPACK: finite field linear algebra package. The FFLAS project has established that exact matrix multiplication over finite fields can be performed at the speed of the highly optimized numerical BLAS routines. Since many algorithms have been reduced to use matrix multiplication in order to be able to prove an optimal theoretical complexity, this paper shows that those optimal complexity algorithms, such as LSP factorization, rank determinant and inverse computation can also be the most efficient.
Homepage: http://linbox-team.github.io/fflas-ffpack/
Related Software: NTL; LinBox; Macaulay2; Magma; LAPACK; gmp; Eigen; M4RI; BLAS; MPFR; OpenBLAS; SINGULAR; FLINT; Algorithm 898; SageMath; Givaro; fpLLL; HElib; CaDiCaL; YalSAT
Referenced in: 25 Publications

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