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Software Authors: Dastjerdi, Amir Vahid; Tabatabaei, Sayed Gholam Hassan; Kadir, Wan M.N.Wan; Ibrahim, Suhaimi; Sarafian, Elahe
Description: SCAIMO — a case for enabling security in semantic web service composition Web service is a novel distributed computing paradigm, trying to address the problem of enabling interaction between heterogeneous applications distributed over the Web. A problem that has become one of the recent critical issues is automated composition of Web services. A number of approaches like AI-planning have been proposed to resolve the problem. Despite the importance of AI-planning techniques for Web service composition, previous works in that area do not address security issues, which is the focus of this paper. Based on our prior work, i.e. AIMO, we present an approach called SCAIMO to achieve security conscious composition of Semantic Web services. We test our approach on a case study and the result shows SCAIMO can provide an applicable solution.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/h75292x255k34307/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: web service security; semantic web service; web service composition; web service modeling ontology; AI-planning
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