swMATH ID: 28419
Software Authors: Hess, Sibylle; Morik, Katharina; Piatkowski, Nico
Description: The PRIMPING routine – Tiling through proximal alternating linearized minimization. .. We introduce PAL-Tiling, a general framework to compute tilings according to a cost measure based on a theoretically founded numerical optimization technique. Requiring that the cost measure has a smooth relaxed function, which combines the matrix factorization error with a regularizing function, PAL-Tiling minimizes the relaxed objective under convergence guarantees. To simulate the minimization subject to the constraint that the matrices are binary, we derive a closed form of the proximal mapping with respect to a function which penalizes non-binary values. A thresholding to binary values according to the actual cost measure enables an automatic determination of the factorization rank.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10618-017-0508-z
Keywords: tiling; Boolean matrix factorization; minimum description length principle; proximal alternating linearized minimization; nonconvex-nonsmooth minimization; alternating minimization
Related Software: PROXIMUS; ComiRNet; FABIA; PaNDa+; Krimp; StreamKrimp; MDL4BMF
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