swMATH ID: 28422
Software Authors: Vreeken J, Van Leeuwen M, Siebes A
Description: Krimp: mining itemsets that compress. One of the major problems in pattern mining is the explosion of the number of results. Tight constraints reveal only common knowledge, while loose constraints lead to an explosion in the number of returned patterns. This is caused by large groups of patterns essentially describing the same set of transactions. In this paper we approach this problem using the MDL principle: the best set of patterns is that set that compresses the database best. For this task we introduce the Krimp algorithm. Experimental evaluation shows that typically only hundreds of itemsets are returned; a dramatic reduction, up to seven orders of magnitude, in the number of frequent item sets. These selections, called code tables, are of high quality. This is shown with compression ratios, swap-randomisation, and the accuracies of the code table-based Krimp classifier, all obtained on a wide range of datasets. Further, we extensively evaluate the heuristic choices made in the design of the algorithm.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10618-010-0202-x
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Krimp: mining itemsets that compress. Zbl 1235.68071
Vreeken, Jilles; Van Leeuwen, Matthijs; Siebes, Arno

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