DSR Open Lab

swMATH ID: 28467
Software Authors: Kolodnytsky, M.; Kovalchuk, A.; Kuryata, S.; Levitsky, V.
Description: The mathematical software implementation for computational algebra and number theory. There is a lot of mathematical software, for instance, MATLAB, Maple V, Mathematica, Derive, and Mathcad, which can be used for teaching algebra or number theory. Some researchers, however, discovered that “the existing packages are limited in their functionality and user-friendliness” (see, for example, Proceedings of ATCM’99); these packages are “not flexible and interactive”, and they “only provide one way communication between users”. Our team developed a new mathematical software, which is intended to satisfy continuously growing requirements for computer-aided teaching in mathematical sciences. We named this mathsoft “DSR Open Lab 1.0” (Dynamical Systems Research Open Laboratory). In this paper we present the features of our mathematical software implementation to illustrate how it can be effectively used in teaching. In particular, we discuss the architecture of the “DSR Open Lab 1.0” based on the authors’ idea of the typology of mathematical models. We also discuss the software user interface. This interface is graphical and utilizes a sequence of stages for describing problems. We named it the “wizard” of mathematical model simulation. These models focus on the following mathematical structures: (1) systems of numbers, (2) algebraic systems (polynomials and groups), and (3) vector space. Also we implemented a library of numeric algorithms for all mathematical structures mentioned-above.
Homepage: https://www.zbmath.org/?q=an:01619772
Keywords: mathematical software
Related Software: Mathcad; Matlab; Mathematica; Maple
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