swMATH ID: 28481
Software Authors: Georgios Gousios; Diomidis Spinellis; et.al.
Description: GHTorrent collects all information from the GitHub API and populates with it two databases: one with raw data and one with linked entities. Using this data, users can get insights just for their repositories or for the full state of OSS development on GitHub. GHTorrent has been extensively used by researchers, companies and OSS projects as a source of software process and product analytics.
Homepage: http://ghtorrent.org/
Source Code:  https://github.com/ghtorrent/ghtorrent.org
Dependencies: GitHub
Related Software: gensim; Girder; Review Board; Numba; pytest; ObsPy; tsDetect; JNose; TestQ; PythonChangeMiner; PyCharm; Python; PyNose; Codeflaws; Bugbench; JUnit; JGit; GitHub; Travis CI; Maven
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