swMATH ID: 28513
Software Authors: N.D. Sandham, M. Ashworth, D.R. Emerson
Description: he SBLI code solves the governing equations of motion for a compressible Newtonian fluid using a high-order discretisation with shock capturing. An entropy splitting approach is used for the Euler terms and all the spatial discretisations are carried out using a fourth-order central-difference scheme. Time integration is performed using compact-storage Runge-Kutta methods with third and fourth order options. Stable high-order boundary schemes are used, along with a Laplacian formulation of the viscous and heat conduction terms to prevent any odd-even decoupling associated with central schemes.
Homepage: http://exaflow-project.eu/index.php/codes/sbli
Related Software: SENGA2; Code_Saturne
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