swMATH ID: 28594
Software Authors: Naumowicz, Adam
Description: Logic2CNF is an extension to the popular SAT solver MiniSAT. Logic2CNF is an easy to use propositional logic solver based upon MiniSAT (http://minisat.se). Logic is programmed using a simple grammar (instead of having to convert logic to DIMACS) and all CNF conversion is automatic.
Homepage: http://ports.su/math/logic2cnf
Dependencies: MiniSAT
Related Software: Mizar; OMDoc; Isar; Archive Formal Proofs; MML; MoMM; MPTP 0.2; MPTP; Coq; Rodin; ProofPeer; miz3; Lean; Metamath; Isabelle/PIDE; Twelf; Isabelle/ZF; SPASS; Isabelle/Isar; MizarMode
Referenced in: 6 Publications

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