swMATH ID: 2867
Software Authors: Park, Gil-Cheol
Description: Design of a software configuration for real-time multimedia group communication; HNUMTP. This paper designs transport protocol of multi-session/channel method for real time multimedia group telecommunication and realizes it. The special features of the designed and realized protocol are first, that it solved the sync problem which is the specific character of multimedia telecommunication by using multi-channel method protocol. Usual multimedia telecommunication is assigned one channel by each media data. This paper shortened the phenomenon that waits data for sync of receiving part by assigning more than one channel for the channel that has a lot of data per hour as video data. The problem of intermedia synchronization that happens then could be solved by sending temporal/spacial related data among data assigning extra control channel. Second, that it does integrated management for sessions. Each session is one group telecommunication unit which supports mutual working environment that is independent. Each session communicates the participants in the group independently, the session manager manages all the communication among groups and lets media sources connected with all network be operated efficiently.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/j71x11p2k4406564/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: HNUMTP; real-time multimedia group telecommunication
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