swMATH ID: 28768
Software Authors: Frank Jühling, Helene Kretzmer, Stephan H. Bernhart, Christian Otto, Peter F. Stadler, Steve Hoffmann
Description: metilene: Fast and sensitive detection of differential DNA methylation. The detection of differentially methylated regions (DMRs) is a necessary prerequisite for characterizing different epigenetic states. We present a novel program, metilene, to identify DMRs within whole-genome and targeted data with unrivaled specificity and sensitivity. A binary segmentation algorithm combined with a two-dimensional statistical test allows the detection of DMRs in large methylation experiments with multiple groups of samples in minutes rather than days using off-the-shelf hardware. metilene outperforms other state-of-the-art tools for low coverage data and can estimate missing data. Hence, metilene is a versatile tool to study the effect of epigenetic modifications in differentiation/development, tumorigenesis, and systems biology on a global, genome-wide level. Whether in the framework of international consortia with dozens of samples per group, or even without biological replicates, it produces highly significant and reliable results.
Homepage: http://www.bioinf.uni-leipzig.de/Software/metilene/
Related Software: methylKit; BSmooth; HMM-DM; HMM-Fisher; MethCP; GitHub
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