swMATH ID: 28822
Software Authors: Dmitry Plotnikov; Dmitry Melnik; Mamikon Vardanyan; Ruben Buchatskiy; Roman Zhuykov
Description: An Automatic tool for tuning compiler optimizations. Modern compilers can work on many platforms and implement a lot of optimizations, which are not always tuned well for every target platform. In the paper we present the Tool for Automatic Compiler Tuning (TACT), which helps to identify such underperforming compiler optimizations. Using GCC for ARM, we show how this tool can be used to improve performance of several popular applications.
Homepage: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/6710359
Related Software: Cole; Acovea; Micomp; LARA; COBAYN; Milepost GCC; LLVM; Nonio
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