Incredible Proof Machine

swMATH ID: 28840
Software Authors: Joachim Breitner; Denis Lohner
Description: The meta theory of the Incredible Proof Machine. The Incredible Proof Machine is an interactive visual theorem prover which represents proofs as port graphs. We model this proof representation in Isabelle, and prove that it is just as powerful as natural deduction.
Homepage: https://www.isa-afp.org/entries/Incredible_Proof_Machine.html
Dependencies: Isabelle
Related Software: Isabelle/HOL; FOL_Harrison; Propositional Resolution; Abstract Soundness; Verified Prover; Lambda Free RPOs; Archive Formal Proofs; Incompleteness Theorems; FOL Fitting; Abstract Completeness; Knuth Bendix Orders; Paraconsistency; Superposition Calculus; Completeness theorem; GitHub; GRAT; theoremprover-museum; IsaFoL; Jitawa; E Theorem Prover
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