swMATH ID: 28901
Software Authors: Feng Niu, Christopher Ré, AnHai Doan, Jude W. Shavlik
Description: Tuffy is an open-source Markov Logic Network inference engine, and part of Felix. Markov Logic Networks (MLNs) is a powerful framework that combines statistical and logical reasoning; they have been applied to many data intensive problems including information extraction, entity resolution, text mining, and natural language processing. Based on principled data management techniques, Tuffy is an MLN inference engine that achieves scalability and orders of magnitude speedup compared to prior art implementations. It is written in Java and relies on PostgreSQL. For a brief introduction to MLNs and the technical details of Tuffy, please see our upcoming paper or the technical report. When designing and developing the user interface of Tuffy, we used Alchemy as a reference system. Thus, users who have experiences with Alchemy should be able to pick up Tuffy easily.
Homepage: http://i.stanford.edu/hazy/tuffy/home
Dependencies: Felix
Related Software: ProbLog; RockIt; PRMLT; YAGO; Alchemy; RelNN; Metaopt; cplint; Adam; SWI-Prolog; XSB; PITA; ProBase; MYSTIQ; Walksat; LoMRF; SPFlow; Xeggora; GitHub; DIMACS
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