swMATH ID: 29001
Software Authors: STScI
Description: IRAF’s ELLIPSE task: ELLIPSE – Fits elliptical isophotes to images. The ellipse task fits elliptical isophotes to galaxy images — this task performs the basic isophotal analysis used by other tasks in this package. The task reads one 2-dimensional image section and produces as main output one table which contains 40 or more columns with parameters for each fitted isophote, one table row for each isophote. Optional products include a family of tables that contain each individual elliptical sample extracted from the image at each isophote, in the form intensity versus position angle, as well as individual plots of these samples. During the fitting process, some of the isophote parameters can be displayed in tabular form on the user’s terminal screen (i.e., they are sent to STDOUT); these parameters allow the user to monitor the fitting process. The task can also be run in interactive mode, where the user has greater control over its operation.
Homepage: http://stsdas.stsci.edu/cgi-bin/gethelp.cgi?ellipse
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