swMATH ID: 29004
Software Authors: Luc Simard et.al.
Description: GIM2D (Galaxy IMage 2D) is an IRAF/SPP package written to perform detailed bulge/disk decompositions of low signal-to-noise images of distant galaxies in a fully automated way. GIM2D takes an input image from HST or ground-based telescopes and outputs a galaxy-subtracted image as well as a catalog of structural parameters. This home page describes GIM2D capabilities and results obtained with it. The development of GIM2D greatly benefited from the experiences of a core user group which includes Kim-Vy Tran, Brad Holden, Francine Marleau, Katherine Wu, Sasha Hinkley, and Dan McIntosh. I am indebted to them for their help.
Homepage: http://www.astro.uvic.ca/~simard/GIM2D/
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