swMATH ID: 29006
Software Authors: E. Pignatelli; G. Fasano
Description: GASPHOT: A Tool for Automated Surface Photometry of Galaxies. We present a tool for Galaxy Automated Surface PHOTometry (GASPHOT) in deep and wide fields, presently under development at the Observatory of Padova. The performances of this tool in the case of HDF-like images are presented. For galaxies having a magnitude of 24–27, we obtained a Δ M = 0.02-0.1, Δ log R e = 0.03, Δn= 0.02-0.5.
Homepage: https://rd.springer.com/article/10.1023/A:1017038423778
Related Software: GALMORPH; BUDDA; ELLIPSE; GALFIT; LaplaceApproximation; cmaes; LaplacesDemon; FFTW; R2Cuba; Python; Imfit; GIM2D; magicaxis; ASCL; R; ProFit; CRAN
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