swMATH ID: 29008
Software Authors: Emsellem et al.; Michele Cappellari
Description: MGE, MgeFit: to fit Multi-Gaussian Expansion (MGE) models to galaxy images, to be used as a parametrization for galaxy photometry: The MGE-Fit-Sectors method. Robust technique to perform Multi-Gaussian Expansion (MGE) fits to galaxy images. This software obtains an accurate Multi-Gaussian Expansion (MGE) parameterizations (Emsellem et al. 1994; Cappellari 2002) for a galaxy surface brightness with the fitting algorithm of Cappellari (2002, MNRAS, 333, 400). Given that Gaussians are not orthogonal functions, MGE fits are in general strongly degenerate, with difficult global convergence, but the MGE_FIT_SECTORS method solves all problem, making MGE fitting an automated, reliable and robust process. See Cappellari et al. (2006) for a large scale application of this software to the study of the M/L ratio and the Fundamental Plane of early-type galaxies and Cappellari et al. (2012, Nature) for an application to the study of the stellar IMF. The MGE parameterizations is useful in the construction of realistic dynamical models of galaxies (see JAM modelling below), for PSF deconvolution of images, for the correction and estimation of dust absorption effects, or for galaxy photometry.
Homepage: https://www-astro.physics.ox.ac.uk/~mxc/software/#mge
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