swMATH ID: 29010
Software Authors: Markwardt, C. B.
Description: MPFIT - Robust non-linear least squares curve fitting. These IDL routines provide a robust and relatively fast way to perform least-squares curve and surface fitting. The algorithms are translated from MINPACK-1, which is a rugged minimization routine found on Netlib, and distributed with permission. This algorithm is more desirable than CURVEFIT because it is generally more stable and less likely to crash than the brute-force approach taken by CURVEFIT, which is based upon Numerical Recipes. MPFIT has additional capabilities not found in CURVEFIT. Model parameters can be ”frozen” (that is, held constant during the fitting process). Simple boundary constraints can be imposed on parameter values, which can be helpful to keep parameters from becoming negative, for example. Please see the documentation for the PARINFO keyword if you wish to use this facility.
Homepage: http://www.physics.wisc.edu/~craigm/idl/fitting.html
Related Software: NumPy; SCons; CxxTest; CFITSIO; NLopt; Sherpa; FFTW; MGE; BUDDA; GALFIT; GIM2D; Imfit
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