swMATH ID: 2905
Software Authors: Münch, Manfred; Schürr, Andy; Winter, Andreas J.
Description: Integrity constraints in the multi-paradigm language PROGRES. PROGRES is a multi-paradigm visual programming or executable specification language, which has a well-defined static type concept. It supports programming with graph rewriting systems. An integrated type-checker is able to check the static semantics of a specification. This paper presents the integration of static integrity constraints to the language which allow to check a specification’s semantics at runtime. It discusses a number of important design decisions such as when constraints have to be checked and what happens if constraint violations are detected.
Homepage: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progres
Keywords: specification; graph rewriting; type-checker; static semantics; static integrity constraints; graph transformations; programming language
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Cited in: 49 Publications

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