swMATH ID: 29102
Software Authors: Matthieu Ancellin; Frédéric Dias
Description: Capytaine: a Python-based distribution of Nemoh. Capytaine is Python package for the simulation of the interaction between water waves and floating bodies in frequency domain. It is built around a full rewrite of the open source Boundary Element Method (BEM) solver Nemoh for the linear potential flow wave theory.
Homepage: https://www.theoj.org/joss-papers/joss.01341/10.21105.joss.01341.pdf
Source Code: https://github.com/mancellin/capytaine
Keywords: JOSS; Journal Open Source Software; Python; Nemoh; linear potential flow solver; BEM
Related Software: Matplotlib; xarray; pytest; VTK; Meshmagick; F2PY; MKL; NEMOH; NumPy; SciPy; Python
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