swMATH ID: 29145
Software Authors: Frederiksen, T., Jakobsen, T., Nielsen, J., Trifiletti, R.
Description: TinyLEGO: an interactive garbling scheme for maliciously secure two-party computation. A C++ implementation of the TinyLEGO cryptographic protocol [NST17] for general secure two-party computation. This is the C++14 implementation of the modified TinyLEGO [1] protocol appearing in the paper ”Constant Round Maliciously Secure 2PC with Function-independent Preprocessing using LEGO” [2]. The code has been authored by Roberto Trifiletti and builds on the SplitCommit implementation of the FJNT16 additively homomorphic commitment scheme
Homepage: https://github.com/AarhusCrypto/TinyLEGO
Related Software: MiniLEGO; GraphSC; EMP-toolkit; ObliVM; JIMU; MinT
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