swMATH ID: 2923
Software Authors: Glinz, Martin; Berner, Stefan; Joos, Stefan
Description: The basic idea of the ADORA language is to model the facets of data, functionality and behavior in a single hierarchical object framework. Modeling is based on abstract objects instead of classes. Thus, we resolve the modeling anomalies that occur in decompositions of class models. Furthermore, we found in most cases modelling with objects more natural and convenient than modelling with classes.
Homepage: http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/rerg/research/adora.html
Programming Languages: Java
Operating Systems: multi platform
Dependencies: None
Keywords: object-oriented modeling; specification; requirements engineering; ADORA; object; scenario; scenariointegration
Related Software: DiaGen; AToM3; ASTRAL
Cited in: 3 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/rerg/research/adora/publications.html

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Object-oriented modeling with ADORA. Zbl 1007.68632
Glinz, Martin; Berner, Stefan; Joos, Stefan

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