swMATH ID: 29295
Software Authors: É. Lunéville; N. Kielbasiewicz
Description: XLiFE++ - eXtended Library of Finite Elements in C++. XLiFE++ is an FEM-BEM C++ code developed by P.O.e.m.s. laboratory and I.R.M.A.R. laboratory, that can solve 1D / 2D / 3D, scalar / vector, transient / stationnary / harmonic problems. It provides: Advanced mesh tools, with refinement methods, including an advanced interface to the mesh generator Gmsh; High order Lagrange Finite Elements (every order); High order edge Finite Elements (every order); Boundary Elements methods: Laplace, Helmholtz, Maxwell, Stokes (in progress); Essential conditions (periodic, quasi-periodic); Absorbing conditions: DtN, PML, ...; Export to visualization tools such as Gmsh, Paraview, Matlab; Many solvers (direct solvers, iterative solvers, eigenvalue solvers, wrappers to Arpack, UmfPack and Eigen libraries)
Homepage: https://uma.ensta-paristech.fr/soft/XLiFE++/
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