VA One

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Software Authors: ESI Group
Description: VA One - Vibroacoustics Simulation Software. Lighter, faster and quieter. Government legislation, competitive pressure and tight development schedules mean you can’t afford to wait until your product is built to find unexpected noise and vibration problems. With ESI’s vibroacoustic simulation software you no longer have to. Account for noise and vibration harshness right at the design stage - no more costly delays or panic driven test-based solutions. With the acoustic modeling software, You can diagnose potential noise and vibration problems up front in your development process. Manage risk by identifying possible problem areas that may need more detailed modeling or test based development, while you still have time to make an impact on the product!
Homepage: https://www.esi-group.com/software-solutions/virtual-performance/va-one-vibroacoustics-simulation-software
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