swMATH ID: 29424
Software Authors: Wolfgang Ehrhardt
Description: DAMath: The archive damath_2018-11-27.zip contains units for double precision accurate mathematical methods without using multi precision arithmetic or assembler. The main purpose is to make the AMath functions available for 64-bit systems without Extended Precision or 387-FPU, but they can be used with 32-bit systems and on the Raspberry Pi 3. The source code can be compiled with the usual Pascal versions that allow const parameters (tested with BP 7.0, VP 2.1, FPC 1.0/2.0/2.2/2.4/2.6/3x, and Delphi versions 1..7/9-10/12/17/18/25/26). The units assume IEEE-754 53-bit double precision (binary64) and rounding to nearest; since Aug. 2017 there is the separate unit DFPU with 64-bit/ARM compatible rounding / precision control functions based on the compiler’s math unit. The unit/function descriptions are not repeated here, see the corresponding AMath entries.
Homepage: http://www.wolfgang-ehrhardt.de/misc_en.html#damath
Related Software: AMath; algorithm 577; Symbolic Math Toolbox; Matlab; Elfun18; Equator; DLMF
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