swMATH ID: 29445
Software Authors: Hoffman, Johan; Jansson, Johan; Jansson, Niclas
Description: FEniCS was started in 2003 as an umbrella for open-source software components with the goal of automated solution of Partial Differential Equations based on the mathematical structure of the Finite Element Method (FEM). FEniCS-HPC is the collection of FEniCS components around DOLFIN-HPC, a branch of DOLFIN with the focus of strong parallel scalability and portability on supercomputers, and Unicorn, the Unified Continuum solver for continuum modeling based on the Direct FEM Simulation (DFS) methodology described below, with breakthrough applications in parameter-free adaptive prediction of turbulent flow and fluid-structure interaction. The FEniCS-HPC components are developed in our Bitbucket Git repositories.
Homepage: http://www.fenics-hpc.org/
Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/fenics-hpc/
Related Software: FEniCS; FEniCS-Reaktoro; DOLFIN; NumPy; pyprecice; Cython; turtleFSI; deal.ii; MUI; SU2; OpenFOAM; preCICE; Python; SciPy; FEniCS-preCICE; Firedrake; fenicsR13; Gmsh; FIAT; PROOST
Cited in: 3 Publications

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