swMATH ID: 29476
Software Authors: Spector, Lee; Robinson, Alan
Description: Genetic programming and autoconstructive evolution with the push programming language. Push is a programming language designed for the expression of evolving programs within an evolutionary computation system. This article describes Push and illustrates some of the opportunities that it presents for evolutionary computation. Two evolutionary computation systems, PushGP and Pushpop, are described in detail. PushGP is a genetic programming system that evolves Push programs to solve computational problems. Pushpop, an “autoconstructiove evolution” system, also evolves Push programs but does so while simultaneously evolving its own evolutionary mechanisms.
Homepage: http://faculty.hampshire.edu/lspector/push.html
Keywords: genetic programming; artificial life; modularity; programming languages; self-adaptation
Related Software: PushGP; CUDA; TerpreT; Scikit; Clojush; Python; PyshGP; EASEA; SPEA2; MersenneTwister; Genocop; TSPLIB; QAPLIB; Boids; QGAME
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