swMATH ID: 29479
Software Authors: Clark, David M.; Keijzer, Maarten; Spector, Lee
Description: Evolution of algebraic terms. II: Deep drilling algorithm. The Deep Drilling Algorithm (DDA) is an efficient non-evolutionary algorithm, extracted from previous work with evolutionary algorithms, that takes as input a finite groupoid and an operation over its universe, and searches for a term representing that operation. We give theoretical and experimental evidence that this algorithm is successful for all idemprimal term continuous groupoids, which appear to be almost all finite groupoids, and that the DDA is seriously compromised or fails for most finite groupoids not meeting both of these conditions. See our online version of the DDA at url {http://hampshire.edu/lspector/dda}
Homepage: http://faculty.hampshire.edu/lspector/dda/resources/public/index.html
Keywords: evolutionary computation; term operation; idemprimality; primal algebras
Related Software: UACalc
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