swMATH ID: 29520
Software Authors: Yang, Qi; Zhao, Peng; Ge, Haiwen
Description: reactingfoam-SCI: an open source CFD platform for reacting flow simulation. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become a major tool in understanding and predicting the behavior of reacting flows, which intrinsically involve the complex interaction of chemical kinetics and fluid mechanics. Among various open source CFD packages, the widely used C++ finite volume simulation toolbox OpenFOAM has many advantages such as its object-orientated framework, convenience to add multiphysics module and free availability, however, many weaknesses have been identified regarding its application in chemically reacting flows, especially incomplete splitting schemes, poor ordinary differential equation (ODE) solvers for stiff chemistry and the oversimplified mixture transport models, etc. In this work, an OpenFOAM 5.0 based reacting flow CFD platform exttt{reactingFoam-SCI} is constructed by further implementing a few state-of-the-art advances in computational combustion, including a robust midpoint operator splitting scheme, and an accurate stable stiff ODE solver with error control. An interface between OpenFOAM 5.0 and the open source package Cantera 2.3.0 is also developed, to allow the evaluation of multicomponent and mixture-averaged transport properties and the call of other Cantera subroutines. The effectiveness and robustness of this new platform have been systematically validated against the analytical solutions and literature reported direct numerical calculation results, including those from a diffusion-convection problem, homogeneous ignition delay, shock tube, one-dimensional spherical flame initiation and propagation, two-dimensional unsteady premixed flame subject to hydrodynamic and diffusional-thermal instabilities, one-dimensional non-premixed counterflow flame and two-dimensional non-premixed co-flow flame. The satisfactory agreement demonstrates the accuracy and robustness of the current platform.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0045793019301847
Keywords: reacting flow; combustion simulation; OpenfOAM; Cantera; mid-point splitting; stiff ODE solver
Related Software: OpenFOAM; Cantera; PREMIX; CVODE; Torch; SUNDIALS; DeepFlame; DLBFoam; TensorFlow; VODE; RODAS; TChem; MKL; laminarReactingFoam; TRANSPORT; CHEMKIN; channelflow; OPPDIF; FlameMaster
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