swMATH ID: 29562
Software Authors: Jordi Martorell-Marugan, Daniel Toro-Dominguez, Marta E. Alarcon-Riquelme, Pedro Carmona-Saez
Description: MetaGenyo is a web tool for meta-analysis in Genetic Association Studies (GAS). MetaGenyo implements a complete and comprehensive workflow that can be executed in an easy-to-use environment without programming knowledge. MetaGenyo has been developed to guide users through the main steps of a GAS meta-analysis, covering Hardy-Weinberg test, statistical association for different genetic models, analysis of heterogeneity, testing for publication bias, subgroup analysis and robustness testing of the results.
Homepage: http://bioinfo.genyo.es/metagenyo/
Dependencies: R
Keywords: Genetic association study; Meta-analysis Areas; Biomedical research; Bioinformatics; Shiny; Web tool
Related Software: MIX; MetaEasy; SAS; HardyWeinberg; metafor; meta; Stata; SPSS; RStudio; shiny; R
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