swMATH ID: 29574
Software Authors: F. Hach, F. Hormozdiari, C. Alkan, F. Hormozdiari, I. Birol, et al.
Description: mrsFAST: a cache-oblivious algorithm for short-read mapping. mrsFAST is designed to map short reads to reference genome assemblies; in a fast and memory-efficient manner. mrsFAST is a cache-oblivous short read mapper that optimizes cache usage to get higher performance. Currently Supported Features: Mismatches, no indels; Paired-end Mapping; Discordant Paired-end Mapping (to be used in conjunction with Variation Hunter); Best Mapping; Limited Mapping; SNP-aware Mapping; Multi-threading.
Homepage: http://mrfast.sourceforge.net/
Related Software: VarScan; BSMAP; BS Seeker; MethylCoder; Bowtie 2; Bismark; BSmooth; Cutadapt; Trimmomatic; FASTX; FastQC; Samtools; GATK; SpliceTrap; DWE; CLIPZ; mirTools; miRExpress; TargetSpy; miRNAkey
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