swMATH ID: 29578
Software Authors: Alexiou, P., Maragkakis, M., Papadopoulos, G.L., Simmosis, V.A., Zhang, L., Hatzigeorgiou, A.G.
Description: The DIANA-mirExTra Web Server: From Gene Expression Data to MicroRNA Function. Methodology/Principal Findings: Although miRNA expression levels may not be routinely measured in high-throughput experiments, a possible involvement of miRNAs in the deregulation of gene expression can be computationally predicted and quantified through analysis of overrepresented motifs in the deregulated genes 3′ untranslated region (3′UTR) sequences. Here, we introduce a user-friendly web-server, DIANA-mirExTra (www.microrna.gr/mirextra) that allows the comparison of frequencies of miRNA associated motifs between sets of genes that can lead to the identification of miRNAs responsible for the deregulation of large numbers of genes. To this end, we have investigated different approaches and measures, and have practically implemented them on experimental data.
Homepage: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2820085/
Related Software: KEGG; DEGseq; starBase; BSMAP; ROAST; Velvet; ARACHNE; SpliceTrap; DWE; CLIPZ; mirTools; miRExpress; TargetSpy; miRNAkey; PatMaN; SeqBuster; ProMiR II; MiRonTop; MiPred; miRanalyzer
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