swMATH ID: 29626
Software Authors: Blom, Stefan; Fokkink, Wan; Groote, Jan Friso; van Langevelde, Izak; Lisser, Bert
Description: (micro CRL - written as mCRL if the symbol µ is not available) μCRL: A toolset for analysing algebraic specifications. μCRL is a language for specifying and verifying distributed systems in an algebraic fashion. It targets the specification of system behaviour in a process-algebraic style and of data elements in the form of abstract data types. The μCRL toolset (see http://www.cwi.nl/ mcrl/) supports the analysis and manipulation of μCRL specifications. A μCRL specification can be automatically transformed into a linear process operator (LPO). All other tools in the μCRL toolset use LPOs as their starting point. The simulator allows the interactive simulation of an LPO. There are a number of tools that allow optimisations on the level of LPOs. The instantiator generates a labelled transition system (LTS) from an LPO (under the condition that it is finite-state), and the resulting LTS can be visualised, analysed and minimised
Homepage: https://homepages.cwi.nl/~sbohte/ustin/tmcrl.html
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