swMATH ID: 29654
Software Authors: Leibovich L, et al.
Description: DRIMust: a web server for discovering rank imbalanced motifs using suffix trees. Cellular regulation mechanisms that involve proteins and other active molecules interacting with specific targets often involve the recognition of sequence patterns. Short sequence elements on DNA, RNA and proteins play a central role in mediating such molecular recognition events. Studies that focus on measuring and investigating sequence-based recognition processes make use of statistical and computational tools that support the identification and understanding of sequence motifs. We present a new web application, named DRIMust, freely accessible through the website http://drimust.technion.ac.il for de novo motif discovery services. The DRIMust algorithm is based on the minimum hypergeometric statistical framework and uses suffix trees for an efficient enumeration of motif candidates. DRIMust takes as input ranked lists of sequences in FASTA format and returns motifs that are over-represented at the top of the list, where the determination of the threshold that defines top is data driven. The resulting motifs are presented individually with an accurate P-value indication and as a Position Specific Scoring Matrix. Comparing DRIMust with other state-of-the-art tools demonstrated significant advantage to DRIMust, both in result accuracy and in short running times. Overall, DRIMust is unique in combining efficient search on large ranked lists with rigorous P-value assessment for the detected motifs
Homepage: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/23685432/
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