swMATH ID: 29712
Software Authors: Codas, A.
Description: REMSO - REservoir Multiple Shooting Optimizer. REduced Multiple Shooting Optimizer. REMSO is an optimization algorithm based on Multiple Shooting. It is developed thinking about reservoir control optimization applications. REMSO exploits: Parallelism. Reduction techniques. Automatic differentiation. REMSO is tightly interfaced to MRST (currently MRST-2015a) and exploits the structure of the module ad-fi (Automatic Differentiation - Fully Implicit). Functionalities within MRST are modified or extended to enable REMSO to calculate simulations in parallel and gradient computations. Compared to conventional integration of reservoir simulators and optimizers, REMSO allows for much more flexibility to deal with output constraints. REMSO solves the optimal control NLP problem by a sequence of QP’s. CPLEX (currently V12.6) is used for this purpose. Observe that CPLEX can be downloaded for educational applications under their Academic Initiative Program
Homepage: https://github.com/iocenter/remso
Source Code:  https://github.com/iocenter/remso
Related Software: MRST; ECLIPSE; FieldOpt; DFO; MRST-AD; GitHub
Cited in: 3 Publications

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