swMATH ID: 29717
Software Authors: Gaj, K., Kaps, J.P., Amirineni, V., Rogawski, M., Homsirikamol, E., Brewster, B.Y.
Description: ATHENa: Automated Tools for Hardware EvaluatioN is a project started at George Mason University, aimed at fair, comprehensive, and automated evaluation of hardware cryptographic cores targeting FPGAs, All Programmable Systems on Chip, and ASICs. Our project has been inspired by a similar environment for comparing software implementations of cryptography, developed by Daniel Bernstein and Tanja Lange, called eBACS (ECRYPT Benchmarking of Cryptographic Systems). Our design and benchmarking methodologies allow the comparison of: Cryptographic algorithms, e.g. candidates in the SHA-3 and CAESAR contests; Cryptographic architectures and implementations, e.g., basic iterative vs. unrolled, GMU implementation vs. Bochum implementation; Hardware platforms, e.g. Xilinx Virtex 7 vs. Altera Stratix V; Languages and tools, e.g., VHDL vs. Verilog, Xilinx ISE v. 14.7 vs. Xilinx Vivado 2015.2
Homepage: https://cryptography.gmu.edu/athena/index.php?id=about
Related Software: Keccak; eBACS; eBASH; McOE; SKINNY; SIMON; PRINCE; PRESENT; Grain; eSTREAM; MICKEY; Rabbit; Trivium; Skein Hash; CubeHash; XooTools; Tornado; GitHub; tweakey; Camellia
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