swMATH ID: 29766
Software Authors: Giusti C
Description: CliqueTop is a collection of matlab scripts for doing topological analysis of symmetric matrices. The syntax for using the package is: ompute_clique_topology(A) for any symmetric matrix A. Options and details can be found in the documentation for the compute_clique_topology function. CliqueTop currently relies on the following software packages, which are included in this repository for convenience and should function automatically without installation: For persistent homology computations, we make use of Perseus by Vidit Nanda. As of this writing, the current version can be found at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/ vnanda/perseus/index.html. We recommend using the snapshot provided in this repository, as the input/output format for Perseus may change in the future. Cliquer, for the clique splitting version of the clique enumeration algorithm, a C package by Sampo Niskanen and Patric R. J. Östergård, available at http://users.aalto.fi/ pat/cliquer.html. The code was written by Chad Giusti, and the underlying ideas are the result of joint work with Vladimir Itskov and Carina Curto. The work was supported by NSF DMS-1122519. More details can be found in Giusti, Pastalkova, Curto and Itskov, ”Clique topology reveals instrinsic geometric structure in neural correlations.” (arXiv:1502.06172 [q-bio.NC] and arXiv:1502.06173 [q-bio.NC])
Homepage: https://github.com/nebneuron/clique-top
Source Code:  https://github.com/nebneuron/clique-top
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: Holes; Ripser; GitHub; javaPlex; PersistenceImages; Gudhi; SciPy; Brain Connectivity Toolbox; Eirene; NetworkX; Dionysus; GenLouvain; Ripser.py; Statsmodels; Python; AGL-Score; DioDe; TopologyNet; HERMES; DIPHA
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